Larry Meiller at Bayfield in Bloom and Babie Eyes

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Few places are as lovely as Bayfield in spring, with perennials in full bloom against the backdrop of Lake Superior. That’s what’s brought WPR’s Larry Meiller to town for more than two decades for the annual “Bayfield in Bloom” broadcast before a live local audience. This year, he joined “Simply Superior” host Robin Washington to share stories of his long-running career, beginning with “The Farm Show” in 1967 and continuing as “The Larry Meiller Show” today — with more than a few unforgettable guests along the way.

Also, when Poplar native Heidi Feroe started assembling bandmates for a group to feature her growing repertoire of new songs, she had no trouble tapping mainstays of the Twin Ports music scene. The result is Babie Eyes, which premieres its debut album at Superior’s Earth Rider Brewery this weekend. Feroe and local favorite Ian Alexy join Washington to highlight their work and the eclectic band, whose members interchangeably play different instruments depending on the song.

Episode Credits

  • Robin Washington Host
  • Robin Washington Producer
  • Ezra Wall Producer
  • Kate Spranger Producer
  • Larry Meiller Guest
  • Heidi Feroe Guest

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