Forced Out Officers Rehired In Different Jurisdictions, And Turn Turn Turn Plays Duluth

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Two former Superior police officers who resigned in lieu of termination are now among those working in other jurisdictions. Turn Turn Turn band members Adam Levy, Savannah Smith and Barb Brynstad. Courtesy Superior Police and Turn Turn Turn.

We’re all appreciative when officers respond to a police emergency, but what if one of them turns out to have been fired from another department? Wisconsin lawmakers made that easier to find out two years ago, with a law requiring police departments to unseal employment records of terminated officers. A state Department of Justice database also tracks officers rehired by different departments. The Badger Project, a Madison-based nonpartisan watchdog group, has tapped those sources to identify 300 such officers statewide, including four in our region. Badger Project Managing Editor Peter Cameron speaks with “Simply Superior” host Robin Washington about their findings on Friday, Oct. 27, at 10 a.m.

Also: They started as a cover band, then took on the name of one of those covers as their own. Now, Turn Turn Turn is an original music trio acclaimed for capturing their own blend of Nashville, Laurel Canyon and Minnesota. Bassist Barb Brynstad speaks with Washington as Turn Turn Turn brings its sounds to Duluth’s Sacred Heart Music Center on Oct. 28.

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