A Love Letter To The South Shore, And A Regional Prodigy Plays Carnegie Hall

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Sue Leaf’s Impermanence is a love letter to Superior’s South Shore. Right: Eddie Ojard at Carnegie Hall. Photos courtesy University of Minnesota Press and d Helen Ojard.

Originally from suburban Minneapolis, author Sue Leaf first became acquainted with Lake Superior’s South Shore nearly half a century ago, on a long-distance bike trip she and her now-husband didn’t quite complete. That led to a stretch of full-time residency in the area and regular visits to a cabin ever since. Now, she’s chronicled those experiences in a book, “Impermanence: Life and Loss on Superior’s South Shore,” just published by the University of Minnesota Press. Leaf joins “Simply Superior” host Robin Washington at 10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 12, to talk about her book, described as “part memoir, part travelog, part natural and cultural history.”

Also, pianist and composer Eddie Ojard of Two Harbors first appeared on “Simply Superior” in 2021, just after releasing his third album — and just before his 13th birthday. He’s now 15 and on album number five. Eddie has performed at many venues, including most recently Carnegie Hall. He joins Washington to share his performance from the American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition (he came in second out of dozens) along with selections from his new album, “Minnesota 2.”

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  • Impermanence: Life and Loss On Superior's South Shore

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