A Look Back At ‘Simply Superior,’ And Owen Polifka Performs At A Venue Near You

A review of the issues, civic leaders, and performing artists who have appeared on “Simply Superior” since 2019.

On May 20, WPR is will change with the premiere of two new networks — “WPR News” and “WPR Music.” The new offerings include expansion of some shows and changes to others, including the end of “Simply Superior.” The regional news and features will continue, however, in new “Morning Edition” segments produced by host Robin Washington.

In the penultimate broadcast of “Simply Superior,” Washington joins day-one listener and frequent guest Linda Nervick to review some of the show’s highlights over the past five years. Among them are a report on the finances of Duluth’s Catalyst Content Festival, Boston Pops’ Keith Lockhart’s explanation of the 1812 Overture and the recent deep dive into the Ashland roots of Park Point billionaire Kathy Cargill.

Also, Owen Polifka of Cornucopia spent a career as a pharmacist, with a side activity at one point of helping to shepherd a heavy metal indie record label. Now, he’s retired and has picked up performing as a pianist, appearing regularly at Superior’s Thirsty Pagan and other local venues. Polifka joins Washington to feature his decidedly non-heavy metal works.

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