Route 51 Celebrates Wisconsin Public Radio’s First 100 Years And Looks Forward To The Next

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Thursday, May 18 at 10 a.m., Route 51 celebrates WPR’s first 100 years with Jack Mitchell, author of Wisconsin on the Air: 100 Years of Public Broadcasting in the State That Invented It. Mitchell led WPR from 1976-1997. Prior to his work at WPR he became National Public Radio’s first employee where he was instrumental in creating its flagship program All Things Considered.

Joining Mitchell and host Glen Moberg is Randall Davidson, author of 9XM Talking, WHA Radio and the Wisconsin Idea. During his 18 years at WPR Davidson was the network’s afternoon news producer and newscaster, chief announcer and unofficial historian. Rounding out the program is WPR’s central regional manager Rick Reyer, who will provide a regional historical perspective and a look into the next 100 years.

Episode Credits

  • Glen Moberg Host
  • Jack Mitchell Guest
  • Randall Davidson Guest
  • Rick Reyer Guest

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