Oct. 7, 34th Assembly, 28th Assembly and 29th Assembly

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Wisconsin state Capitol at night
Wisconsin state Capitol. Joe Tarr/WPR

WPR presents conversations with candidates for the Wisconsin 34th, 28th and 29th Assembly districts. In the 34th Assembly District, incumbent Rob Swearingen-R, Rhinelander, will face challenger Eileen Daniel-D, Rhinelander in the November election.

28th Assembly District candidate Patty Schachtner-D, Somerset, and 29th Assembly District candidate Danielle Johnson-D, New Richmond, will also share their perspectives. Incumbents Gae Magnafici-R, Dresser, of the 28th Assembly District, and Clint Moses-R, Menomonie, of the 29th Assembly district, did not respond to WPR’s invitation for an interview.

Episode Credits

  • Rick Reyer Host
  • Shereen Siewert Host
  • Ezra Wall Host
  • Ezra Wall Producer
  • Rick Reyer Producer
  • Joy Ratchkramer Producer
  • Shereen Siewert Producer
  • Kate Spranger Producer
  • Rob Swearingen Guest
  • Patty Schachtner Guest
  • Danielle Johnson Guest
  • Eileen Daniel Guest