Oct. 30, Weird Wisconsin Road Trip

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Heard On Route 51
Highway 42 in Door County
Highway 42 in Door County. John Carrel (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

North central Wisconsin is home to hundreds of gorgeous travel destinations, from stunning waterfalls to rustic roads and shimmering lakes. But that’s not all the region has to offer. There are plenty of unique, quirky and even downright mysterious destination to explore, all within easy driving distance.

“Route51” welcomes Travel Wisconsin Secretary Designee Sara Meany to the show for a tour of the area’s most unusual destinations, from the strange to the obscure, to help you plan the perfect Halloween weekend road trip.

Episode Credits

  • Shereen Siewert Host
  • Rick Reyer Producer
  • Joy Ratchkramer Producer
  • Sara Meaney Guest

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