May 20, Cold Cases And What Detectives Do (Encore Presentation)

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Heard On Route 51
Photo by Emma Pulido

Police, prosecutors and victims’ advocates say resolving criminal cases not only brings closure to victims and their families, but helps maintain public trust in law enforcement while playing an important role in increasing public safety. Even when a case grows cold, a fresh set of eyes and changing forensic technology can shed new light on violent crime, as investigators work with prosecutors to hold offenders accountable.

Shereen Siewert welcomes two retired Marathon County Sheriff’s Department investigators for a discussion on police detective work, from missing persons to homicides and other crimes. Detective Dennis Blaser and Captain Greg Bean will discuss the challenges cold cases and other crimes pose for police and how those cases are effectively investigated.

Episode Credits

  • Shereen Siewert Host
  • Rick Reyer Producer
  • Joy Ratchkramer Producer
  • Kate Spranger Producer
  • Dennis Blaser Guest
  • Greg Bean Guest