May 17, Finale

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Heard On Route 51
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Beginning May 20, WPR’s two current networks – “NPR News & Music” and “The Ideas Network” – will become “WPR News” and “WPR Music.” As this new chapter begins, “Route 51” presents a final episode after two decades of covering the inspiring tales, history, music, politics and intriguing topics that matter to listeners in central Wisconsin.

“Route 51” executive producer Ezra Wall takes the helm to interview past hosts and producers of the program, people who played key roles in creating the weekly episodes that have been part of listeners’ lives for decades. They’ll share memories of the past, honor the legacy of the late Glen Moberg and talk about how much the show has meant to each of them through the years.

Episode Credits

  • Ezra Wall Host & Executive Producer
  • Rick Reyer Guest
  • Dean Kallenbach Guest
  • Shereen Siewert Guest
  • Joy Ratchkramer Guest

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