March 18 – PFAS Facts, Health Effects And Remediation

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As the science behind PFAS continues to emerge, municipalities and well owners in north, central and western Wisconsin are grappling with how to manage the chemicals and keep drinking water safe for residents. In February, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board voted to weaken the standard for PFAS in drinking water, resulting in a limit more than triple the amount recommended by health officials. But what are these chemicals, and why are we hearing so much about them now?

Shereen Siewert welcomes Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Director of Drinking Water and Groundwater Steve Elmore and Wisconsin Department of Health Services toxicologist Dr. Sarah Yang for an in-depth discussion on PFAS. They’ll explain just what PFAS are, discuss the potential health risks to humans, offer solutions for residents who aim to limit their exposure and talk about their expectations for future federal drinking water standards, to be set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Wisconsin DHS PFAS information

NSF PFAS Information

NSF Certified Filters Info Sheet

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