Kayaking for a Cause

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Heard On Route 51

This week we welcome the family of Joe Bodewes of Minocqua, who kayaked 1500 miles this past summer, circumnavigating all the way around Lake Superior. Joe and his three sons, 14 year old Will, 12 year old Luke, and 10 year old Noah, embarked on their epic journey in order to raise money to help HIV positive children in Africa. The children, many of them orphans, were born and raised near the shores of Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world, which led the Bodewes family to the idea of a charity paddle around the largest lake in North America. Joe, Will, Luke and Noah will talk about what they had to do to survive their epic journey across Superior’s frigid waters, building makeshift shelters on wilderness beaches, and dealing with the lake’s unpredictable and unforgiving weather patterns.

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