Feb. 12, 2015: Jazz violinist, Randy Sabien

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Heard On Route 51

This Thursday, February 12th at 10 am, jazz violinist Randy Sabien returns to Wisconsin Public Radio’s Route 51 for an hour of lively conversation and live music. Host Glen Moberg will ask Sabien about his musical influences, his pioneering work in string education, and his new CD, Soul of a Man. Sabien is currently teaching at the McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, where his students receive Bachelor and Master degrees in alternative string education. His local performances are usually coupled with workshops for aspiring musicians. Sabien will be performing in Washburn on February 14th and in Amherst on February 21st. He will perform a selection of jazz standards live in our Wisconsin Public Radio studios on Thursday’s Route 51 show.

Episode Credits

  • Glen Moberg Host
  • Randy Sabien Guest

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