Dec. 10, 2015: A Local Perspective on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Heard On Route 51

This Thursday, December 10th at 10 am, Wisconsin Public Radio’s Route 51 looks at the Syrian refugee crisis from a local perspective with Katherine Graebel-Khandakani, a UW-Stevens Point student from Weston with a personal connection: her husband’s Syrian parents are seeking asylum in the United States, and she has been helping with the process. Two family members crossed the Aegean Sea to flee to Europe, while others still live in Syria.

Host Glen Moberg will moderate a discussion with Graebel-Khandakani and John Viste, a Rhinelander man who spent 25 years in the Middle East working with non-profit organizations on humanitarian assistance and economic development.

Episode Credits

  • Glen Moberg Host
  • Katherine Graebel-Khandakani Guest
  • John Viste Guest

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