April 9, 2015: WI’s Large Animal Wildlife Populations

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Heard On Route 51

This Thursday, April 9th at 10 am, Wisconsin Public Radio’s Route 51 focuses on Wisconsin’s large animal wildlife populations with two experts from the UW-Stevens Point faculty: Dr. Eric Anderson, Professor of Wildlife Ecology, and an expert on large carnivores (cougars, bobcats and wolves) and conservation biology issues; and Dr. Scott Hygnstrom, the Douglas R. Stephens Chair in Wildlife, Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Wildlife, and an expert on elk, whitetail deer and animal damage control.

Host Glen Moberg will ask the panelists about the introduction of out-of state elk, the wolf hunt, cougar sightings, the deer herd, the growing bear population, and the potential impact of the Governor’s budget proposals on the DNR.

Episode Credits

  • Glen Moberg Host
  • Dr. Eric Anderson Guest
  • Dr. Scott Hygnstrom Guest

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