April 10, COVID-19 And Mental Health

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Heard On Route 51
Graphic for WPR's COVID-19 Special Coverage

Shereen Siewert welcomes Lee Shipway, Executive Director of Peaceful Solutions Counseling, for a discussion on mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The show will feature coping strategies for adults and children, and address issues surrounding domestic violence during “Safer-At-Home.”

“COVID-19 And Mental Health” is Part 3 of “Route 51’s” regionally focused series on the COVID-19 Pandemic. Next week, the fourth episode in the 4-part series will feature local chef Christain Czerwonka’s tips, recipes and more for safer-at-home cooking.

Part 1: COVID-19 Facts Vs. Fiction

Part 2: COVID-19 Community Impacts

Episode Credits

  • Shereen Siewert Host
  • Rick Reyer Producer
  • Joy Ratchkramer Producer
  • Lee Shipway M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Guest