The Odyssey Series

“The Odyssey Series,” produced and narrated by Jonathan Øverby, airs on the NPR News & Music Network of WPR, Saturday at 4 p.m. Each of the editions explores diverse forms of music and their potential to create a greater understanding of those near and far. “The Odyssey Series” is engineered by technical director Tom Blain.


NPR News & Music, Saturdays, 4 p.m.

Jonathan Øverby

Latest Episodes

  • The Pace of Palm Wine Music

    Palm wine music began to attract its first audiences at the turn of the 20th century with a name liberated from a regional drink transformed into a hybrid folk-like style. Nevertheless, it remains an integral part of the region’s cultural heritage, serving as an accepted musical currency for the KRU people.

    The Pace of Palm Wine Music
  • Follow The Flute

    Flutes, after the human voice, are the earliest identifiable musical instruments, as paleolithic examples with hand-bored holes. Several flutes dating from about 43,000 to 35,000 years ago were discovered in Slovenia. Wisconsin and First Nation – Indigenous people have a long historical relationship with the flute.

    Follow The Flute
  • The Charm of the Charango

    Honored and exalted instrument in all of Andean culture, the charango is among the most honored and exalted instruments in all of Andean culture. It has a long history dating back to the late 1400s, sometime after Christopher Columbus first came in contact with the people-populated islands of the Bahamas. What was discovered was an…

    The Charm of the Charango
  • Gregorian Chant

    Studies confirm that listening to certain styles of music can have a calming effect that’s soothing to the soul, comforting to the mind, and decreases stress and your heart rate. Gregorian chant has been adopted or liberated for its therapeutical value. Why? Perhaps it is because it contains similar stylistic characteristics to what is known…

    Gregorian Chant
  • The Sound of South African Township Jive

    South Africa is home to a number of popular musical forms including Mbaqanga, a genre characterized as urban pop music and, Township Jive that emerged from the apartheid era in South Africa. With high-pitched, choppy guitars and a powerful bass line, township jive or “TJ”, heavily influenced by “funk, reggae, American R&B and soul, also…

    The Sound of South African Township Jive

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