‘Ugly Lies the Bone’ at Commonweal

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‘Ugly Lies the Bone’ at the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, MN. (Commonweal Theatre)

A new production at the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, Minnesota is bringing attention to the plight of the modern military service veteran. From Commonweal’s online description of “Ugly Lies the Bone:”

Honorably discharged from the Army, Jess returns to her hometown on Florida’s Space Coast. Bearing scars both visible and unseen, she embarks on a cutting-edge, pain relief therapy that plunges her into a virtual reality of snowy vistas and Paul Simon music. As she strives toward healing, she realizes things at home have changed perhaps even more than she has. With grit and humor, Jess and her family begin a transformative, life-affirming journey of renewal.

Joining us on “Newsmakers” to talk about the production and the rest of Commonweal’s season are Adrienne Sweeney, Commonweal Theatre Associate Artistic Director, and actor Laurie Roberts, who plays Jess in the play.