Newsmakers, May 29, 2014

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Medical Marijuana in Minnesota; Pop Culture and Politics

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  • Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

    Minnesota is the 22nd state in the nation to legalize the use of medical marijuana. The law will only benefit people in Minnesota who fall in nine illness conditions including cancer, glaucoma and seizures, who would have some relief of their symptoms. The law doesn’t allow marijuana to be smoked, and it can only be consumed in pill, liquid and oil form. In addition, the marijuana prescribed by a Minnesota licensed physician would not be allowed to be taken over state lines. There is still some clarity needed to determine how the law applies to Minnesota residents who may receive care in a border state like Wisconsin where a more restricted form of medical marijuana is legal, and uncertainty of how Minnesota’s law squares with other states where it is legal, or the federal government which doesn’t legalize medical marijuana.

  • Pop Culture and Politics

    How do the political philosophies of Aristotle relate to life on the TV show The Simpsons.™ We discuss how political theory relates to pop culture with UW-La Crosse assistant professor of political science Tim Dale. He co-authored and co-edited the book Homer Simpson Ponders Politics.

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