Newsmakers, March 7, 2013

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This week, we look at Mississippi River issues and then new Wisconsin budget proposals and tips on filing our 1040 personal income tax forms.

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  • Rallying Around Mississippi River Issues

    Governmental and private groups are working to make the Mississippi River a priority in Washington this year. Two new Mississippi River caucuses and a group of mayors have banded together, and existing commerce and environmental interest groups have high hopes that the river starts getting the federal support they say it needs.

    Guests include Congressman Ron Kind who co-chairs the new Mississippi River Caucus, and spokespersons from the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative, the Waterways Council, the Mississippi River Network, and the Biodiversity Project

  • State Budget Proposals and Tips on Filing Our Income Taxes

    From new budget proposals to filing our personal 1040s, taxes continue to be a major topic on our minds these days. Joining us with insights into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recently proposed state budget, as well as a few tips on filing personal income taxes, is Rick Chandler, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

    Learn more about the proposed Wisconsin 2013-15 Executive Budget from the Department of Administration’s Division of Executive Budget & Finance. Information regarding tax filings is available from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.