Newsmakers, July 19, 2012

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We look at the affects the summer drought has had on Wisconsin’s agriculture and what farmers are doing to get by. Also, Will Seger, a long time explorer of Earth’s polar regions, has first-hand knowledge of the impact of climate change.

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  • Wisconsin Drought Impact on Farming

    A drought emergency has been declared for the entire state of Wisconsin by Governor Scott Walker. Reports this week from the Drought Monitor website and the National Weather Service outline just how bad it is. We discuss the impact a sustained drought may have on agriculture with UW-Extension Ag Agent Steve Huntzicker, and then hear from Harriet Behar, an organic specialist with Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Services , or MOSES, about how organic farmers are fairing.

  • Will Steger on Climate Change

    Minnesota native Will Steger, a longtime explorer of the earth’s Polar regions, has first-hand knowledge of the impact climate change is having on our world. We revisit an interview we did with Will Steger during his visit to UW-La Crosse this past winter. He currently lives in Ely, MN where he heads up the Will Steger Foundation.