Newsmakers, January 24, 2013

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This week, we examine the examine the village of Gays Mills and how they’re coping with flooding :from the Kickapoo River. Then we’ll discuss measuring the “Big Bang!”

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  • Coping with Flooding in the Kickapoo River Valley

    Having been inundated by two straight summers of flooding five years ago, the village of Gays Mills has been making accommodations for the future. WPR’s Steve Roisum visited with business owners and talks with Julia Henley, the recovery and development director about changes that have moved part of the village uphill and out of the flood plain.

  • Measuring the Big Bang

    A discussion with John Mather (left), the 2006 winner of the Nobel Laureate in Physics for his work with NASA’s COBE satellite, which measured the spectrum of radiation from the Big Bang. He visited UW-La Crosse this past semester. Learn more in this NASA article and interview.

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