Newsmakers, December 20, 2018

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HmongBAEs producers
Hope Kirwan/WPR

Hmong-American high school students from the Coulee Region are launching a podcast this fall that explores a series of social issues they are facing.

The podcast series called HmongBAEs tackles issues like racism and gender. The initials in the name stand for Building Awareness and Empowerment.

“The goal was to provide an opportunity for young Hmong people to explore their social identity, being race, or immigrant children, or gender. To allow them to feel empowered by understanding who they are,” said Ponyu Moua, social justice director of thr La Crosse Hmong cultural agency Cia Siab, Inc. “Definitely to create media for young Hmong people from across the state and the country, and those who are interested who are not Hmong to learn more about the Hmong experience, especially our young Hmong folks.”

The podcast is being produced with assistance from Wisconsin Public Radio-La Crosse.

Episode Credits

  • Hope Kirwan Host
  • John Gaddo Producer
  • John Davis Producer
  • Sheesenphooyw Moua Guest

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