Newsmakers, April 17, 2014

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Friends of the Marsh; Landfill BioBlitz

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  • Friends of the Marsh

    The La Crosse River Marsh is thought to be one of the finest urban wetlands in Wisconsin. The Friends of the Marsh group recently formed to work to ensure the marsh has a long future in the city of La Crosse. Our guests talk about the marsh’s history, its importance both environmentally and recreationally and what the friends’ group hopes to do to protect and enhance the wetlands for future generations.

  • Landfill BioBlitz

    La Crosse County officials are looking for volunteers to participate in the first-ever BioBlitz on April 26. They are hoping to document the animal and plant species that live at the 350 acre landfill complex. The information could be used to help restore the forest and prairie land at the landfill.

Episode Credits

  • Maureen McCollum Host
  • John Davis Producer
  • Richard Frost Guest
  • Chuck Lee Guest
  • Nick Nichols Guest
  • Christa Booman Guest
  • Coleton Lewis Guest