Newsmakers, April 11, 2013

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Gundersen Lutheran Advance Directive; Partners in Excellence Autism treatment

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  • Gundersen Lutheran Advance Directive

    Having a written plan that will help medical professionals and family know what kind of end-of-life care you want has been prescribed for years in the La Crosse area. Now Gundersen Lutheran Health System is working to bring the idea around the world. Gundersen Lutheran CEO Dr. Jeff Thompson and Medical Humanities Director Dr. Bud Hammes recently spoke at a national Advanced Care Planning conference about using the La Crosse program as a model.

  • Partners in Excellence – Autism

    The Centers for Disease Control says autism affects one in 88 children in America. Autism is a development disorder often manifesting itself as problems with social behavior and communication, and each child with autism is different. There is success in treating a child with autism. Partners in Excellence in La Crosse is a place an autistic child can go to learn ways to modify their behavior. We spoke with Director Jackie Vick and parent Alex Berry about the program.