Access to housing remains a challenge in southwestern Wisconsin

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A birds-eye view of an unspecified housing development. (Michael Tuszynski /Pexels)

In this episode of Newsmakers, we’re talking about multiple aspects of the ongoing challenge of finding affordable housing. First, why is it so hard for many in the Driftless Area to afford a home to rent or buy? Guests from Habitat for Humanity and Extension La Crosse County are among those participating in an upcoming presentation about housing security and the area’s history of housing discrimination.

Then, the roof over your head isn’t the only expensive part of housing. For some families, finding a bed to sleep on or a table for serving dinner is a major hurdle. Enter a furniture bank called The Exchange. Host Ezra Wall talks with two staffers from the local nonprofit about their work.

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  • Ezra Wall Host
  • Charlotte Peters Guest
  • Natalie Heneghan Guest
  • Ben Hein Guest
  • Sarah Gebo Guest