Worry over winter spiders, possible medical debt relief in Milwaukee County

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A yellow sac spider.
A yellow sac spider. Don Loarie/Flickr

Winter spiders reportedly bit a teacher and student at a Manitowoc middle school. A spider specialist joins us to address our fears. And a nonprofit could relieve Milwaukee County residents of $153 million worth of medical debt. We speak with the CEO of RIP Medical Debt about company’s proposal.

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  • Everything you need to know about Wisconsin's winter spiders

    A middle school in Manitowoc temporarily closed last month after a teacher and student were allegedly bitten by yellow sac spiders. We speak with a spider expert to learn more about spiders in the winter.

  • Nonprofit could make medical debt disappear for some Milwaukee County residents

    A proposal from Milwaukee County could make $153 million worth of medical debt disappear for some residents. The nonprofit RIP Medical Debt buys debt from residents through donations. We speak with the CEO about the potential partnership and their hope to change debt collection.

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