Wisconsin’s undocumented residents can’t legally drive, Opioid maker’s bankruptcy deal on hold

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A law enforcement officer talks to a driver during a traffic stop.
A law enforcement officer talks to a driver during a traffic stop. Robert Couse-Baker/PxHere

Undocumented immigrants in Wisconsin risk fines and arrest for driving their own vehicles, according to a ProPublica investigation. Then, the U.S. Supreme Court pauses a $6 billion Purdue Pharma bankruptcy deal from opioid lawsuits. A law professor explains how bankruptcy could benefit businesses.

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  • New investigation examines how Wisconsin's driver's license laws affect undocumented residents

    A recent investigation from ProPublica examines how undocumented workers in Wisconsin are forced to risk fines and arrest for driving vehicles they own and register. We speak with a reporter behind the investigation.

  • How a business could benefit from bankruptcy

    The U.S. Supreme Court paused Purdue Pharma’s $6 billion bankruptcy deal that could have protected members of the billionaire Sackler family from liability in opioid lawsuits. We talk with a professor who specializes in bankruptcy about how and why businesses use bankruptcy to their advantage.

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