Wisconsin’s Economic Future, Creativity Goes A Long Way In Parenting

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When you’re a parent, desperate times call for creative solutions, like threatening to sing in public if your child continues to argue. We talk about weird parenting wins with the author of the new book and learn all about imaginative ways to parent. We also take a look at the future of Wisconsin’s economy.

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  • Wisconsin's Economic Outlook For 2019

    2018 was a strong year for Wisconsin’s economy, and experts are optimistic about 2019 — albeit, with some caveats. Ten years after the Great Recession, we take the pulse of Wisconsin’s economic health.

  • The Unavoidable Weirdness Of Parenting

    If you’re a parent, you’ve probably resorted to some unconventional means to stay sane and get your kid to behave. Maybe you’ve put vegetables in Chinese takeout containers to trick your kid into eating them, or discovered that the noise that most soothes your crying baby is snorting like a pig. We talk about the weird side of having kids that you’ll never find in parenting books.

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