Wisconsin’s Backlog Of Rape Kits Nearly Caught Up, ‘Soft Partisans’ Could Have Big Influence In Governor’s Race

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Scott Walker and Tony Evers
Photos courtesy of the Walker, Evers campaigns

Three months ahead of his goal, Attorney General Brad Schimel announced this week that all but five of the sexual assault kits that had been part of a huge backlog have been tested. We talk to the Attorney General about the process involved. We also hear how so-called “soft partisans,” also called swing voters, could make a difference in this election cycle.

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  • Conversation With Wisconsin Attorney General About Status Of Untested Sexual Assault Kits

    The State Attorney General’s office announced that a backlog of thousands of sexual assault kits going back decades had been cleared earlier this week. We talk with Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel about the process and his response to critics.

  • How Big Of An Impact Will Wisconsin Swing Voters Have In The Midterms?

    About 30 percent of the Wisconsin electorate is made up of “soft partisans” — people who are independents on paper, but actually tend to sway a bit left or right. Recent polling finds that these voters could have a big impact on the upcoming midterms. We take a look at swing voters in Wisconsin and their political influence.

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