Wisconsin Roadways: Winter’s Toll And Finding Funding

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Governor Evers is set to put his budget proposal forward by the end of the month, including a portion dedicated to transportation. We talk about options for funding Wisconsin’s road repairs and learn more about the economical and environmental impacts of keeping roadways driveable this winter.

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  • The Cost And Environmental Impact Of Winter Maintenance

    The snow plows and road salt have been in full force this winter. We check in with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation about the health of its winter maintenance budget. Then, we hear how road salt is impacting freshwater lakes, and learn what it means to be “salt smart.”

  • How To Build A Meaningful Career In Politics

    Politics can be a noble and rewarding career…even if our elected officials don’t always give us reasons to believe so. Even if you’re not looking to run for office, there are plenty of political jobs that need doing, but it’s often a competitive field that can be difficult to break into. Our guests share their insights on how to build and sustain a meaningful career in politics, whether it’s at the statehouse or Capitol Hill, and how to make a positive impact while doing so.

  • Looking At Several Options For Road Funding In Wisconsin

    Governor Evers is set to send his proposed budget to lawmakers at the end of the month. We take a look at the options on the table for funding the state’s significant transportation needs.

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