Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Recreated Dutch Gouda Of Her Homeland, 150 Years Of Chippewa Falls

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After emigrating to Wisconsin from the Netherlands, a dairy farmer decided to recreate the gouda cheese she ached for from her homeland. We hear from the now prize-winning cheesemaker about her lifestyle. We also explore Chippewa Falls, as the city celebrates its 150th anniversary.

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  • Marieke Penterman Missed Dutch Gouda. So She Decided To Make It Herself.

    When Marieke Penterman and her husband emigrated to Wisconsin from the Netherlands to start a dairy farm, Marieke became homesick for gouda — basically the American cheese of Holland. So she decided to make it herself, and it didn’t take long before her cheese started winning awards. Two of her cheeses took top spots at the 2019 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest. She joins us to talk about being a cheesemaker in Wisconsin.

  • Chippewa Falls, Then And Now, What We Know After 150 Years

    Chippewa Falls kicks off a year of events this month to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The town has a rich history of lumber and pioneering. It’s even inspired a musical! Our guest travels back in time to honor the city’s proclamation and guides us through the city’s progression, including the influence of a well renowned brewery.

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