Why Living Paycheck To Paycheck Is A Reality For Many, Food Insecurity And The Government Shutdown

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Budgeting Your Money
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Over a month in to the shutdown, many federal workers who still aren’t receiving a paycheck are unable to make ends meet. We talk about why, despite low unemployment rates, many Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck. We also take a look at the affect the shutdown is having on food banks and other food resources.

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  • Why People Live Paycheck To Paycheck

    While unemployment in America is low, many Americans still live paycheck-to-paycheck — a reality brought to the fore by the government shutdown, which has caused an estimated 800,000 federal employees to go without pay. We learn why so many Americans are living this way.

  • Food Insecurity And The Potential Effects Of A Government Shutdown

    As the partial government shutdown continues, we consider the potential effects on Wisconsin’s FoodShare program and on food banks. Our guest also breaks down the state of food insecurity in the Wisconsin.

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