Why Livestock Smells Like That, Making Adulthood Friends, Exploring Wisconsin’s Bandshells

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An odor researcher helps us understand why some livestock manure smells worse than others. Then, we get tips and advice on making friends as an adult from NPR’s Life Kit. Plus, we take a trip around the state to learn about the many bandshells. We get these unique venue’s stories and information about the best times to experience them.

Featured in this Show

  • WisContext: The Science of Smell

    Do you ever think about the science behind the sense of smell? Well, our guest does. A livestock odor researcher joins us as we explore what we know about dreadful odors, pleasant aromas, and the particles in our air.

  • How To Make Friends As An Adult

    Making friends as a kid is hard enough, but connecting as an adult comes with its own set of challenges. We learn why people find themselves looking for these relationships later in life, and get tips on how to develop and maintain one.

  • The Stories Behind Wisconsin's Bandstands

    Summertime in Wisconsin is flush with concerts and festivals in city parks. And one common backdrop to these gatherings is the bandshell, a bandstand shaped like a seashell. We talk with a retiree who has made a hobby of visiting and learning about bandshells across Wisconsin over the past decade.

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