Where Government Started And Where We Are Now, Bestsellers And Classics Often Not The Same Titles

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Many of our beloved classics in the literature world are books that were overlooked in their own time. We talk about why the books on the bestseller lists are not destined to be classics and, likewise, why a book that doesn’t make the cut could be a big read of the future. We also talk about the original structure of our government, and compare it to where we are now.

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  • How Is Government Supposed To Work?

    When Wisconsin’s GOP-controlled legislature approved limits on the power of Democratic Governor-elect Tony Evers during an extraordinary session earlier this month, Democrats called it a power grab. Republicans, however, said the rules would balance out power between the branches. Is one side more correct than the other? A political scientist walks us through how our government was set up to work, and how it’s evolved over time.

  • Why So Many Bestsellers Are Swallowed By The Black Hole Of History

    What do Mrs. Dalloway, The Hobbit, and A Clockwork Orange have in common? They’ve all gone down in history as classics — and not one of them made the bestseller lists when they came out. Our guest helps us understand why the books we most remember tend to be the ones people didn’t care too much about at the time.

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