Where Did Wisconsin’s Redistricting Lawsuit Go?, Wisconsin Files Lawsuit To Suspend Affordable Care Act

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A group of Democratic voters in Wisconsin is back with a new redistricting lawsuit after the Supreme Court appearance earlier this year. We hear from WPR’s State Capitol Bureau Chief about what’s different in this version. We also learn why 20 states, including Wisconsin, have filed lawsuits to suspend the Affordable Care Act.

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  • Update On Wisconsin's Redistricting Lawsuit

    After having their case thrown out by the United States Supreme Court earlier this year, a group of Democratic voters in Wisconsin are back with a new lawsuit that looks to strike down the state’s GOP-drawn legislative districts. WPR’s State Capitol Bureau Chief joins us with the details of the case, and what’s different this time around.

  • A Lawsuit To Suspend The Affordable Care Act Impacts Political Races

    Wisconsin is one of twenty states that filed a lawsuit to suspend the Affordable Care, otherwise known as Obamacare. It’s become an issue in the 2018 elections in the state. We discuss the details of the lawsuit and the claims candidates have made.

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