What’s Missing In Voter Analyses, One School District’s Many Covid Safety Complaints

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A voter gets help registering to vote at Lakeview Lutheran Church on Madison's north side
A voter gets help registering to vote at Lakeview Lutheran Church on Madison’s north side on Nov. 3, 2020. Steven Potter/WPR

We talk to a couple of community organizers about what’s missing from the numerous analyses of voter behavior in the recent election. Then, we check in with the Lake Mills School District to find out why so many educators filed coronavirus-related safety complaints recently.

Featured in this Show

  • Beyond The Numbers: Organizing Voters In Milwaukee

    Since election day, voters’ demographic data and voting behavior has been analyzed in the media. We speak with two organizers about what analysis of communities of color overlooks. We also examine the strain that the pandemic and voter suppression had on turnout in Milwaukee.

  • Lake Mills Educators Seek Changes Amid Pandemic

    More than 20 educators with the Lake Mills Area School District recently filed safety grievances with the district as COVID-19 cases increase in the state. A teacher joins the show to share concerns coming from colleagues as in-person teaching continues.

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