What your cat is trying to say, Wisconsin key to national rise of school voucher programs

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A cat lounges on the furniture
A cat lounges on the furniture. Royce Podeszwa/WPR

What does it mean when a cat meows? We talk with Sarah Brown, the author of a new book, “The Hidden Language of Cats: How They Have us at Meow.” Then, the line between public and private education is blurring. Journalist Cara Fitzpatrick explains the extent in her book, “The Death of Public Education.”

Featured in this Episode

  • The language of cats

    More than 45 million households in America are home to at least one cat, according to research from the University of Arizona. We explore the language of cats and how they have learned to communicate their needs with the author of “The Hidden Language of Cats: How They Have us at Meow.” Original air date: Dec. 1, 2023

  • 'The Death of Public Education'

    A new book argues public education in America is in jeopardy and Wisconsin played an important role in that change. The author tells us what’s led to the blurring of lines between public and private education. Original air date: Oct. 12, 2023

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Sarah Brown Guest
  • Cara Fitzpatrick Guest
  • Keegan Kyle Executive Producer
  • Royce Podeszwa Producer
  • Trevor Hook Producer
  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director

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