What To Know As Voters Head To The Polls, Why Beer Prices Could Get Hit By Climate Change, Alzheimer’s Signs And Prevention

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In this Aug. 12, 2009 file photo, President Barack Obama presents the 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom to Sandra Day O’Connor. O’Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, announced Tuesday that she has the beginning stages of dementia, “probably Alzheimer’s disease.” (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The crops that are key to making beer — hops and malting barley — are threatened by changing weather patterns. We talk with an expert about what scientists and farmers are doing to prepare for the future of beer brewing. We also get you the key information you need as you head to the polls on Election Day. And we discuss Alzheimer’s Disease signs and how to deal with its development.

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  • What To Know On Election Day

    The midterm elections are here, and people in Wisconsin and across the country are casting their ballots for the candidates and causes they care about most. We talk about what we should know before heading out to the polls.

  • Will Beer Survive Climate Change?

    Global warming threatens crops everywhere — including the ones key to brewing beer, hops and malting barley. Scientists and farmers are trying to figure out what making beer might look like in the future, with hydroponics and even synthetic hops made from genetically engineered yeast. But it’s also been projected that beer prices could double as farming becomes more difficult. We take a look at what beer brewing might look like in an age of warmer temperatures and more frequent droughts.

  • All About Alzheimer's

    Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor recently announced she’s been diagnosed with dementia, and probably Alzheimer’s — a disease that affects an estimated 5.7 million Americans. A doctor joins us to talk about the disease, its risk factors and treatment options, and how it affects people emotionally.

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