What happens if the country defaults on its debt? Tips to prevent junk mail

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Congress has weeks to decide if it will increase its debt ceiling or default. We speak with an economist about possibilities and consequences. Then, more than 100 billion pieces of “junk” mail are delivered each year. We speak with a state agency on how to prevent it from coming to the mailbox.

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  • What a debt breach could mean for the economy

    Republicans in Congress are refusing to raise the debt limit unless deep spending cuts are made, laws addressing climate change are rolled back and work requirements are imposed on social programs. We talk with an economist about what would happen if the government defaults on its debt obligations.

  • How to stop paper 'junk' mail

    According to Paper Karma, more than 37 billion pieces of unwanted mail end up in landfills each year, unopened. A leader with the state division of Trade and Consumer Protection shares ways people can opt out of paper “junk” mail.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Joe Tarr Producer
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