What To Expect From Evers On Environmental Policy?, Should Same-Day Registration Be Nationwide?

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Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers addresses supporters
Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers addresses supporters after being declared victor of Wisconsin’s governor race early Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018. Marisa Wojcik/Wisconsin Public Television

Governor-elect Tony Evers has said he’d like to give more power to the DNR, as well as prioritize problems like pollution and climate change. We talk to a guest about what we could expect out of Evers as we go forward and what things could prevent him from making change. We also discuss whether more states should consider making same-day registration an option to voters.

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  • How Will Environmental Policy Change Under Evers?

    Governor elect Tony Evers’ environmental policies are likely to be drastically different from his predecessor’s. While Governor Scott Walker cut science positions from the Department of Natural Resources and joined a group of states suing the federal government over the Clean Power Plan, Evers has said he’ll give more power to the DNR and prioritize issues like pollution and climate change. But in order to do that, he’ll have to get past a Republican controlled legislature.

  • Should All States Be Like Wisconsin And Allow Same-Day Voter Registration?

    Last week’s midterm elections saw record turnout. Our guest is a political scientist who argues it might have been greater, however, had all states allowed voters to register on the same day they voted. He tells us why all states should adopt election day registration before the next election. Then, we talk to a local researcher and a state election official about how same-day registration has panned out in Wisconsin.

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