Week In Review: Tax Reform, ‘Terrorist’ Senators, Lincoln Hills And More

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Lincoln Hills
The main entrance at Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls near Irma in northern Wisconsin. Photo: Glen Moberg/WPR

Tax reform, “terrorist” senators, more Lincoln Hills violence, DNC-funded Trump dossier and more. We discuss those issues and other top national and state political stories during the Week in Review.

By a 216-212 vote, House Republicans passed a $4 trillion budget on Thursday, clearing the way to begin work on a $1.5 trillion tax cut plan. Lowering taxes is at the top of the GOP’s priority list and would be President Donald Trump’s first major victory in Congress.

State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has apologized for calling three Republican senators “terrorists” for their budget negotiations with Gov. Scott Walker. Vos made the comment in an television interview on “Up Front with Mike Gousha.” While he expressed regret for using the term, he didn’t back down from his criticism, saying in a statement, “Will we now have to run everything past a few rogue holdouts before committees take executive action?”

Following two attacks Sunday by inmates at Wisconsin’s Lincoln Hills School for Boys, Gov. Scott Walker has ordered that an interim superintendent be hired at the facility. In addition, a federal judge has demanded a progress report on his July ruling that prison staff reduce its use of pepper spray, solitary confinement and shackles.

It was reportedly the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee that paid for research resulting in the infamous dossier alleging collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia. On Wednesday, Trump called the Democrats’ involvement and their denials of activity a “disgrace.” Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, accused Republicans of diverting attention from the contents of the dossier.

Which political issue from the week do you want to discuss? Do you support or oppose Republican efforts to reform the tax code? What’s your reaction to Speaker Vos’ “terrorists” comment and apology? What would you like to see happen in response to the ongoing problems at Lincoln Hills? 1-800-642-1234 or email ideas@wpr.org. You can also tweet us @wprmornings or post on the Ideas Network Facebook page.

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