Waukesha’s Lake Water Lawsuit, The Case Against Using Road Salt

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We learn about a lawsuit challenging a Waukesha water diversion project. Then, we discuss the problems with using salt on our sidewalks and roadways during winter and what alternatives are best.

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  • Lawsuit Challenges Waukesha's Water Diversion Project

    The Village of Waukesha recently filed a lawsuit against the City of Waukesha to shut down a longstanding $286 million water diversion project. We discuss what the lawsuit says and how this may affect the future of sustainable drinking water there.

  • Alternatives To Using Road Salt In The Winter

    The frigid cold and snow that settled into Wisconsin this month has made driving and walking more treacherous. But heavily salting roads can have long-lasting environmental consequences. We talk with a limnologist about strategies for reducing salt on roads and sidewalks.

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