USDA Reclassification Makes Another Product ‘Ground Beef’, Maternal Healthcare And Infant Mortality

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The USDA has reclassified a beef product known as “pink slime” in 2012 and it’s now going to be labeled as ground beef. We learn what this reclassification means for consumers and the industry. We also talk about how the quality and quantity of visits in maternal health care relates to infant mortality rates.

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  • What Is A Hamburger, Really?

    Beef Products Incorporated calls it “lean finely textured beef.” In 2012, ABC made it famous as “pink slime,” and then got sued for defamation (though the news network didn’t coin the term). Now, BPI has changed the product enough that earlier this month the USDA classified it as ground beef.

  • Looking At The Proposal In Governor Evers' Budget For Women's Health

    Governor Tony Evers has proposed $28 million as part of his budget to increase access to women’s health care and decrease infant mortality rates in the state. Our guests join us to break down the policy proposals and consider the state of women’s health in Wisconsin.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
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  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
  • Joe Fassler Guest
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