Updates to law protecting women from violence, Exploring the arguments against daylight saving time

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We take a look at the revamped Violence Against Women Act and discuss the law’s changes. Then, we dig into the debate over daylight saving time and why some want to ditch it.

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  • Updates made to Violence Against Women Act

    Last week, the White House reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act after a four-year lapse. We talk with leaders from a national and Wisconsin-based coalition about the changes to the nearly 30-year-old law and about steps to end gender based violence.

  • The debate over daylight saving time

    Twice a year, most Americans change their clocks for daylight saving time. Also twice a year, people argue over the need for daylight saving time. Do you like getting an hour of extra sunlight? Do you hate losing that hour of sleep? We discuss the options and possible changes.

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