Update On Wisconsin’s Juvenile Corrections Changes, Addressing Outdated Entertainment

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Sign for Copper Lake and Lincoln Hills Schools
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Gov. Evers has signaled doubt that the state’s youth prison will close by the deadline. We talk with a reporter about the funding challenges causing the delay and check in on the regional replacement facilities. Then, Disney’s new streaming service has people questioning how to grapple with outdated entertainment. We explore with a pop culture professor.

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  • Governor Tony Evers Says Lincoln Hills Closure Likely Delayed Again

    Governor Tony Evers says the 2021 deadline to close Wisconsin’s troubled youth prison is unlikely to be met without increased state funding. We talk with a reporter about what this means for the facility and potential next steps.

  • Grappling With The Cultural Implications Of Old Disney Films

    Disney’s new on-demand streaming platform is filled with content that, for many, hearkens back to fond childhood memories. But some of those movies are stamped with a message that warns of outdated cultural depictions. We look at why these films are problematic and how to reconcile the past with the present.

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