Ukraine faces potential Russian invasion, How roads affect wildlife, ‘Spark!’ program makes art accessible

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A UW-Madison sociology professor discusses the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Then, a wildlife researcher explains how roads affect wildlife. And later, an art program co-founder explains how to make exhibits accessible to people with memory loss.

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  • Will Russia invade Ukraine?

    Tension remains high in Ukraine as Russia has continued to signal a potential land invasion of its Eastern European neighbor in recent weeks. We speak with a sociology professor at UW-Madison about the latest news on the conflict.

  • What U.S. roads mean for wildlife

    Around 12 percent of North America’s wild mammals die on roads. A form of infrastructure known as wildlife crossings can help animals survive and thrive. Around a thousand exist across the United States. We speak with a wildlife researcher about what roads mean for the wildlife living around them.

  • Wisconsin museums ‘Spark!’ inspiration

    A program that aims to make art and art exhibitions more accessible to people with early stage memory loss is gaining traction in Wisconsin and throughout Minnesota – opening more than 20 programs in four states. We talk with a cofounder of the program about how essential art is to the participants.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
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  • Mackenzie Krumme Producer
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  • Lee Rayburn Interviewer

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