A taste of maple syrup season, FTC looks to ban non-compete agreements

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Scott Dunn gauges the grade of maple syrup.
In this Wednesday, April 1, 2020 photo, Scott Dunn gauges the grade of maple syrup produced at the Dunn Family Maple sugar house in Buxton, Maine. Robert F. Bukaty/AP Photo

It’s maple syrup season in Wisconsin. We get an update on how production is going. Then, a Wisconsin professor discusses a Federal Trade Commission proposal to ban employers imposing non-compete clauses on workers.

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  • Wisconsin’s maple syrup season is here

    As spring approaches so does maple syrup season. We speak with the executive director of the statewide maple syrup association about Wisconsin’s short maple syrup season that produced more than 440,000 gallons last year.

  • FTC proposes banning non-compete agreements for American workers

    The Federal Trade Commission has proposed banning employers from requiring workers to sign non-compete agreements. The FTC argues they suppress wages by $300 billion annually and prevent 30 million Americans from pursuing career opportunities. An expert on non-competes joins us.

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