Summer Insect Update, Why A Student’s Social Media Rant Ended Up Before The Supreme Court

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We hear about this year’s tick and mosquito populations and how best to avoid them. Then, we talk about a Supreme Court case involving a student, her school and social media.

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  • Protecting Yourself Against Ticks And Mosquitoes

    Ahead of the holiday weekend when more people typically go outdoors, we hear from a professor who studies infectious disease agents in mosquitoes, ticks and other pests.

  • The Cheerleader Who Snapped: How A Supreme Court Case May Affect Students' Use Of Social Media

    The Supreme Court recently ruled that a Pennsylvania high school was wrong in how it disciplined a cheerleader for a profanity-filled rant on social media. We talk to a law professor about what this means for freedom of speech and the actions of students outside of school.

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