State climatologist discusses new funding, Why murder rates fluctuate

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Rural landscape in Wisconsin.
Rural landscape in Wisconsin. Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

The Wisconsin State Climatology Office is receiving a USDA grant, some of which will pay for a statewide weather station network. We talk to a new state climatologist. Then, the murder rate is falling in the United States. A Columbia University criminologist explains why the murder rate fluctuates.

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  • Long-unfunded Wisconsin State Climatology Office boosted by USDA grant

    For the first time in a decade, the Wisconsin State Climatology Office is receiving government funding. A USDA grant will focus the office on rural needs, particularly those of farmers. We talk to the new state climatologist about this and funding for a statewide network of weather stations.

  • What has caused a recent drop in the murder rate?

    After a brief surge, the murder rate is again falling around the United States. We talk with a Columbia University criminologist about what causes the murder rate to fluctuate, why it could be falling now, and what governments can do to keep it low.

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  • Kate Archer Kent Host
  • Joel Patenaude Producer
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  • Lee Rayburn Technical Director
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