State Capitol Report: Wisconsin’s new secretary of state, Speeding up Wisconsin’s goal of net zero emissions

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Smoke billowing from power plant smokestacks
Emissions rise from the smokestacks at the Jeffrey Energy Center coal power plant as the suns sets, near Emmett, Kansas, on Saturday, Sept. 18, 2021. The U.N. health agency said Monday, April 4, 2022, nearly everybody in the world breathes air that doesn’t meet its standards for air quality, calling for more action to reduce fossil-fuel use, which generates pollutants that cause respiratory and blood-flow problems and lead to millions of preventable deaths each year. Charlie Riedel/ AP Photo

We begin by speaking with Sarah Godlewski, Wisconsin’s new secretary of state. Then, two members of a new Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin talk about their efforts to accelerate the state’s push to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Sarah Godlewski embraces new role as Wisconsin secretary of state

    Last month, Sarah Godlewski was appointed secretary of state by Gov. Tony Evers. The former state treasurer will finish out the term won last November and then vacated three months later by perennial Secretary of State Doug La Follette. Godlewski joins us to talk about running her new, one-person office.

  • Statewide coalition plans to fast track Wisconsin’s net zero goals

    To have net zero emissions by 2050, the state will have to take aggressive action at virtually every level. But a new coalition aims to fast track the state’s clean energy goals. We hear from two members of the Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin who advocate for conservation on local and global scales.

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